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~Chapter 14: Crystalline~

Demeter noticed Alec running out of the dance in urgency. She decided to follow him. She followed him to the middle of the forest. She saw that he was in pain.

Alec stopped, and so did Demeter. She was beginning to sense the same energy that she sensed radiating from him before. But this time it was much stronger. She then realized that maybe she shouldn't be there. Once Alec suddenly roared in pain, Demeter knew that she shouldn't be there. She turned to run as Alec suddenly released an explosion of elemental energy.


Cynder had finished reading a letter while at her little birthday party, "Well, at least I have Alec," Cynder said to herself. But then she looked around and noticed something, "Hey, where did Alec go?"

"What do you mean?" Penumbra asked, overhearing Cynder's comment.

"Alec was just here a minute ago," Cynder answered. Suddenly outside and off in the distance, an explosion was heard, "What was that?"

"I have a bad feeling I know!" Penumbra said before running out, Cynder following suit.


Pandora gave the results of what the pills were that were confiscated from him, "They are very crudely made," Pandora said, "And that's what made this so difficult. However, these pills contain the same properties of the medication, Disselemeton."

"What?" Cyril exclaimed, "That's impossible!"

"Tell that to the test results," Pandora replied.

"But what would he need with Disselemeton?" Terrador asked.

"I believe that I have the answer to that question," Volteer said, "Alec had given a detailed lecture on his silver dragon heritage. He also mentioned that the power that they possess causes immense pain because their bodies were unable to tolerate the immense power."

"So he could be using this makeshift Disselemeton to get rid of his pain?" Terrador asked.

"I doubt that it would get rid of the pain," Pandora said, "This homemade Disselemeton is not strong enough to absorb much of the elemental energies. I figure that it only dulls the pain."

"If my hypothesis is correct, then not even full strength Disselemeton will absorb the full extent of his elemental energies," Volteer said, "Regardless, I would advise that we offer to the young dragon a prescription for Disselemeton. That way, it would surely lessen the pain, if not rid him of it entirely."

"But can he tolerate the pain if he does not take the pills?" Cyril wondered.

Suddenly, there was an explosion heard outside in the distance, "I have a feeling that was our answer!" Terrador said as he ran out of the guardians' quarters, the others following suit.


The guardians met up with the members of Cynder's party to check on what had just happened. As they ventured into the forest, they came to an area of the forest that had been crystallized. A hundred yards away in the center of the crystallized forest, they saw Alec laying on the ground motionless and covered in blood.

Penumbra ran over to the bloody piece of flesh to check on him, "Oh my ancestors!" She said, "Did anyone by any chance happen to find pills in his possession?"

Spyro, who was one of the other students to come out, curious as to what happened stepped forward, "I did," The purple dragon said, now assuming what his pills were most likely for, "I thought that they were perhaps drugs, considering how much he seemed to 'need' them."

"I'm the one who taught him how to make them," Penumbra explained, "I knew that he would need them, but wouldn't be able to pay for the prescription version. But his situation meant that without Disselemeton, Alec would be torn apart from his own power. He needed Disselemeton in order to absorb that power."

"And that is why we're giving him a prescription for Disselemeton," Terrador told Penumbra.

"And we will assist in providing the payment for the expenses of the medication," Volteer said.

"That is...if he's still alive," Cyril stated bluntly, receiving a cold glare from Penumbra.

"He's still breathing. So that's a good sign," Penumbra said, "But we have to get him medical attention immediately!" With that said, Cynder helped to carefully lift up Alec. Both Cynder and Penumbra disappeared in a cloud of black smoke with the silver dragon. They had gone to return to the infirmary.

"Uh, guys?" Demex called out to the others, "I think you should come look at this!"

Everyone went over to where Demex was and were surprised to see that not just the forest had been crystallized, but everything in it as well. Standing there was a crystallized dragoness. She was identified as Demeter.

Spira ran up to the frozen dragoness, "Demeter?" The purple dragon explained, "That damn silver dragon KILLED MY DEMETER!"

"Now calm down, Spira," Terrador said, "She may still be some form. But don't start acting rash if we are able to revive her."

"And what if you can't revive her, huh?" Spira asked, tears beginning to stream down his cheeks, "I don't know what I'd do without her."

"Don't worry, Spira," Bourgeoisie said, "Alec will live to regret this."

"It looks to me like he already payed for it!" Rosa growled at Bourgeoisie, "I don't think that felt good to him! Do you?"

"...Is there anything that can be done for her?" Spira asked the guardians.

"Not until we figure out what exactly happened to her," Terrador said, "But for now, all you can do is be patient."

Spyro saw the look in Spira's eyes. He recognized the look as one that he had when he was worried about someone.

Meanwhile, the guardians thought that they should tell Rosa something that may shock her, "Rosa, would you come with us?" Terrador asked.

"Uh...yeah. Why?" She replied.

"Because we feel that the time has come where we should discuss with you th...Mfff." Volteer said before Cyril grabbed his maw and held it shut.

"We feel that we should tell you something that you have a right to know," Cyril said, "But we must warn you that the news you are about to hear may be hard for you to understand." The pink dragoness followed the guardians into their quarters.


Penumbra was using red gems to heal Alec's wounds. Cynder watched as one by one, his woulds closed up. It was watching them splitting open, but in reverse. Penumbra had gone through three crates full of red gems before Alec was fully healed. However, there was still the case of the drain of energy. Normally, she would use green gems in order to restore his energy. But she knew that his elemental energy would restore itself.

"Will he be okay?" Cynder asked.

"Yes, he will," Penumbra answered, "But it will take a few days for his energy to return."

Cynder watched as the silver dragon slept. One thing that she noticed is that he seemed to be at peace, regardless of how much pain he was in.

"Is it alright if I stay here with him and take care of him?" Cynder asked her mother, "He has done the same for me. So I feel that this is my chance to return the favor.

"Of course," Penumbra answered, "Just as long as it doesn't get in the way of school. And only during the day. And I want you to go back to your dorm for the night to sleep."

"Alright," Cynder said, reluctant of the idea to leave Alec's side.


"WHAT?" Rosa exclaimed after she heard what the guardians had to tell her, "But how is...Why didn't you...How am I..." Rosa was completely speechless, unable to finish a sentence.

"We warned you that it would be hard understand," Cyril said.

Rosa then went back to her dorm without another word said.

As she headed back to her dorm, she ran into Cynder, who was also heading to their dorm. She seemed worried, but overall was okay, "Hey, Rosa," Cynder greeted, "What did the guardians want to talk to you about?"

Rosa didn't answer. She just walked into the room as if she were completely unaware of Cynder's presence.

"Rosa, are you okay?" Cynder asked. But like before, she got no response. Cynder was concerned for Rosa and decided to go back to see Penumbra about her. But that'll have to wait till tomorrow. It was late And Cynder was getting tired. Rosa on the other hand didn't sleep that night.


The next day, Dragonfire had returned from her little trip. Broc on the other hand had his suspicions about her.
Alec is still alive...but what about Demeter? And it seems that this is Cynder's chance to repay the favor for Alec being so kind to her.

The next Trimester will begin Chapter 16. And I would like for you all to resubmit any OCs that you wanted to join Warfang High. It's difficult for me to keep track of everyone. That's why most of the characters are only extra's. So if you'd resubmit then, I would be thankful.
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Arashi-no-Ryuujin Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013
just one question, why did you never finish this? Then again I guess I have no room to talk though considering how long it is taking me to write the next chapter to my fanfic
EvilDarkSpyro Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Use my OC please!!!!!


Name: Blizzard
Age: 11
Powers: Ice (but can learn Fire, Electric, Earth, Water, Grass, Fear, Posion, Shadow & Wind)

Apperance: A Seafoam Blue dragon, with a pearl white belly, his left wing is midinight black whilst his right is Ruby Red, All Four of his paws ae grey, he has a lighting bolt mark start at the back of his neck all the way to his tail blade and his tail blade is shaped like a ligting bolt. Blizz Has Aqua Blue Eyes.

Personality: The Way he acts changes from time to time but he is always nervous around Spyro and Cynder, but around other dragons he is very socialble and can be a fun dragon to be around. He is sort of a loner due to the way some dragons treat him due to his apperance, Always seeking for answerd regarding his past and who is parents are and always willing to make new friends. He also has an agressive side which he tends to get out of hand when he gets upset. Whenever he feels sad he wants to be left alone and if its very bad he goes to his room and cries into his pillow until he can not cry anymore.

Blizz is the main charcter in my Fanfic Story Blizzards Tale.
Spriggs272 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
I've just read throught the story so far, and its brilliant!!!!! :w00t:
Can't wait for the next chapter...
DarkAngelAW1986 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I've got good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is that thanks to an extreme case of writer's block, I'm stopping the production of the story.
The good news is that I will rewrite it. I'll just be rebooting the story. It will for the most part be the same though.

The main trouble I was having had to do with filler. I have several plot devices for my stories. It's just coming up with filler that's the hard part.
Spriggs272 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
*Reads bad news*


*Reads Good News*


If you need any help with ideas, i got a load in my head but some are reserved for the fan fic i'm gonna do later this year
StellarChrondrite Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been reading your stories for a while now. You're the inspiration for my Spyro stories. Brilliant, as ever.
Added to Favs.
DarkAngelAW1986 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad to be an inspiration. That's kinda what I need right now because I'm currently stuck.
JFPierre Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010  Student General Artist
great story as always ;-)
Silverthe-Dragon Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Rosa's the "Ghost", isn't she? I was expecting Karma.

I can't suggest any of my characters, as they're for the most part related to Spyro and that would break so many timespace rules I don't want to think about it... like dividing by 0

However, some baely used Characters, a silver dragonfly who in my story becomes married to Sparx, Shimmer, could work (but only if you want to use her.)

she's silver with a dark gold "belly" and wings. Her personality is pretty much open for interpritation.
Piplup-Luv Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Poor Alec:( I feel bad for him. And Demeter too.

I liked this chapter^^
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