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~Prologue (Part 1)~

"You can't beat me!" Malefor, the Dark Master shouted as he was just beaten by to younglings, Spyro and Cynder, "You cannot rid the world of darkness! The darkness is eternal! I am the darkness! Therefor, I am eternal!" Then, five copies of the spirit of Ignitus rose from the purple crystalline platform he was standing on, "What is this? Who are you?" The spiritual entities grabbed Malefor and pulled him into the crystal, "What? No! NOOO!" The Dark Master had been two children none the less.

"Spyro, I'm sorry," Cynder said apologetically, "Malefor took control of me again. I could've...I would've killed you if given the chance. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." Cynder lowered her head in shame.

"Don't be, Cynder," Spyro said trying to make Cynder feel better, "It's not your fault. It never was. You said it yourself, Malefor was controlling you. But it's over now."

Spyro looked around him as the world began to fall apart when suddenly, he had a vision of Ignitus, "Spyro," Ignitus said, "When a dragon dies, he does not truly leave this world. His spirit returns itself to the planet, binding itself with nature. In turn, new life is created. Life energy restores the world, repairing damaged lands and giving new hope to future generations. Spyro, it is time to release the true dragon within you!" The vision of Ignitus ended and Spyro returned to reality.

"Ignitus," Spyro said solemnly as a tear ran down his cheek. Then his confidence was raised once again, "I know what I have to do! I don't want you to get hurt. So just get out of here, Cynder!"

"Spyro, no!" Cynder protested, "You don't have to do anything! We defeated Malefor. He's no longer a threat. Let's just go."

"Where, Cynder?" Spyro snapped, startling Cynder, "There'll be nothing left. Malefor's threat isn't gone yet because the world is still breaking apart. But I think I have the power to stop it. I think I'm meant to. This was my destiny all along. To bring peace and to save the world."

"Then I'm with you," Cynder said. Spyro looked at her, not wanting her to sacrifice herself for this. The look in his eyes told Cynder that he wanted her to go, "Our fates have become bound together, remember? We're in this together."

"Alright," Spyro nodded as he gave into Cynder's plea. Spyro began to prepare for a convexity fury attack. He focused on the first time he used it in his battle with Cynder over three years ago. The magical energy began to surround his body and expand. But he was losing energy and wouldn't be able to do it.

Cynder noticed that Spyro was weakening and realized whether he succeeded or not that this would be the end. She needed to tell Spyro what has been on her mind since they woke up in the catacombs, "I love you."

Hearing these three words gave Spyro an extra boost of energy. He was able to create a shell of energy around Cynder and himself, while at the same time spreading the rest of his energy to engulf the world. He then pulled the energy back to himself. In turn, the pieces of the planet pulled back together. The planet was saved.

All around the world, dragons, cheetahs, moles, and many other creatures came out of hiding to see that they were safe. The world was now at peace. As they looked into the sky, two stellar cloud formations emerged. One of a purple dragon, and the other of a black dragoness.


At the Chronicler's study inside the Celestial Caves, the chronicler was reading a large book titled 'The History of Dragons' that was hovering in front of him, "Be welcome, friend," The Chronicler said as he looked over his shoulder, "I have long been expecting you." The Chronicler turned back to his book, "With Malefor gone, and peace restored, a new age is beginning. With each new age, a worthy dragon is chosen to chronicle the many triumphs and failures of that age. This has been my duty for many many millenia. And now, Ignitus, I pass this honor to you."

"But why me?" Ignitus asked as he walked into the room and next to the Chronicler, "Why has my life been spared?"

"There are several reasons why you have been chosen," The Chronicler said, "First, your act of self sacrifice to ensure that Spyro and Cynder made it safely through the belt of fire. Second is your knowledge and wisdom. Third is you're final act of sealing away the Dark Master. And finally and most important, your relationship with Spyro. When the other guardians were there for Spyro for guidance and training, you were there for him to act as his missing father figure."

"And...What of Spyro?" Ignitus asked with concern "Is he..."

"Hmm, that is the question, isn't it?" The Chronicler continued as he summoned another book entitled 'Book of the Dead', "You see, each time a dragon dies, a new page is written in this book. I've done my best. I've read through thoroughly with and even double checked. But try as I might, I can't seem to find any trace of Spyro."

The Chronicler began to glow with a bright light. And as soon as the light appeared, it vanished along with the Chronicler himself. His energy was transferred to Ignitus, engulfing him in a similar light. When the light faded, Ignitus now wore the ancient attire of the chronicler. His scales have changed color as well, from their red-orange coloration to teal.

The book that was in front of the Chronicler now moved to position itself in front of Ignitus, the new age Chronicler. He then began to read through the book himself, "Well, young dragon...Where might you be?"

~The Angel of Darkness, Alec~
And that's the first part of the prologue. My personal "extended version" of the ending of Dawn of the Dragon. Just as a warning, the second part of this Prologue can be a little emotional...just to let you know.


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Great job :D
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