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“What are we here for again?” Spike asked as he looked around at all the old books. He and Twilight were in the Canterlot library where they used to stay before they moved to Ponyville. Spike was feeling overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia.

“How many times to I have to tell you this?” Twilight said with a slightly irritated tone. Twilight was feeling nostalgic as well. But nearly as distracted as Spike. She then motioned for him to follow her into closed off passage, “Do you remember a few years ago when I was working on a project with one of the students from the Cloudsdale Institute of Robotics and Technology?”

Spike followed the lavender unicorn into the passage that she opened up with her magic, “Oh yeah. I remember now,” Spike said as the memories came back to him, “What was his name again? Wasn't it Dork Angel, or something like that?”

“And ponies have always wondered why I never liked that 'innocent baby dwagon',” a voice said sarcastically from the room that the passage way led to. As the two entered, they saw a black unicorn with dark red eyes and a slightly scruffy fiery red mane and tail to match. His hooves were dark red and his wings had a dark red lining. On his flank was a pair of black angel wings for a cutie mark. He wore a sly grin as he sat on his haunches and looked at the two, “So Twi, you finally managed to potty train your 'number one' assistant?”

“STOP CALLING ME THAT!” Spike shouted. Then under his breath in an embarrassed tone, he said, “...It was just that one time...”

“I see you haven't changed much, Angel,” Twilight said with a sly grin, “Still the foalish pegasus who never takes anything or anypony seriously and is a complete technogeek.”

“And I see you haven't changed much either,” Dark Angel replied with an equally sly grin, “Still the bookworm unicorn who would prefer to study about the life cycle of the dragonweed than to go out and be social.”

“As a matter of fact, I have too become social,” Twilight said with pride in the fact that she was knocking her old friend down a few pegs, “I have made many friends since I moved to Ponyville. And I have been more social as well.”

“She is still a bookworm though,” Spike said with a grin.

“SPIKE!!!” Twilight shouted. When she turned back to Dark Angel, he was holding a piece of paper...a diploma

“As a matter of fact, I have too been taking things more seriously,” Dark Angel said with pride in the fact that his old friend failed in knocking him down a few begs, “I have been taking my studies very seriously. And I've even graduated top of my class. And I've always taken you seriously. I just never show it.”

“He is still a foalish technogeek though,” a young feminine voice said. From behind one of the tables came a female gryphon who was no older than Spike. Most of her body was a forest green. Her beak, talons, and tail were a earthy brown. Her talons, instead of having a scaly appearance, instead had a more rocky form. Her eyes were a golden orange color, like the color of a sunset, “Hi, my name's Ferra. I'm Angel's 'perfect little helper'!”

“Well, it's nice to meet you, Ferra,” Twilight said with a warm smile, “My name's Twilight Sparkle. And this here is my 'number one assistant', Spike... Spike?” Twilight saw that Spike was just looking blankly at Ferra. Spike seemed to be entranced by Ferra.

Dark Angel giggled when he noticed a slight blush on the baby dragon's cheeks, “I think he likes her,” Dark Angel said to Twilight, making sure that the two children didn't hear. Ferra saw how Spike looked at her. She couldn't help but let out a giggle. Because she liked him too. But they didn't actually realized that the others liked them.

“It seems that she likes him too,” Twilight whispered to Dark Angel, noticing how she giggled at him, “Maybe this will help Spike to get rid of his crush on Rarity.”

“Isn't Rarity the fashionista that put on that fashion show that amazed even Hoity Toity himself?” Dark Angel asked in amazement, “You're actually friends with a celebrity?! ...I'm gonna need proof. If you really are friends with Rarity, then you're gonna have to prove it to me by introducing me to her.”

“Come on. Rarity isn't that famous,” Twilight said in disbelief of what Dark Angel said, “ she?”

“Trust me. If you can impress Hoity Toity himself, you're known all throughout Equestria,” Dark Angel said.

“I'll introduce you then. But right now, I would like to ask you a couple questions,” Twilight said almost accusingly, “First of all, what are you doing here?”

“I'm here for what I assume is the same reason you're here,” Dark Angel said, “I'm here to get the prototype design of the project we were working on. I figured it might be a bit much for just one pony to carry. Besides, you didn't think I would let you continue the project without me, did you?”

“I supposed that's a fair enough answer,” Twilight said, “Second, how did you get in here?! When we put out project on hold, we sealed off this room so that only I could reopen it! There is no way...”

“Do you remember that eccentric pony, Doctor Whooves?” Dark Angel said, interrupting Twilight, “Well he helped me develop a time travel device. I am actually from the future at a time after you opened up that passage way. I came in while it was open, and traveled back in time to wait. However, I miscalculated and went back fifteen hours instead of fifteen minutes. So technically, me and Ferra aren't even here yet.”

“But I was gonna close the passage off again when I left,” Twilight said. “So if in the future, it's still closed off, how did you get in?”

“...You'll see...” Dark Angel said cryptically, “So, shale we get this tin can out of here then?”

“Uh...sure...” Twilight said, trying to understand what Dark Angel meant by 'you'll see'.

Dark Angel lifted the metallic pony-shaped statue onto his back while Twilight used her magic to lighten the load. Spike and Ferra followed them as they headed back down the passage way.

But on their way through the passage way, they came across...Dark Angel and Ferra?! Twilight looked back and forth between the two Dark Angels. The Dark Angel that was carrying the android lifted his hoof and said, “Hi.” While the other Dark Angel replied by also saying, “Hi.”

As the new Dark Angel and Ferra passed by, the two Ferra's looked at each other in confusion, not sure what to think.

After they passed by, they heard a sort of grinding noise. When Twilight looked back to see the other Dark Angel and Ferra, they were gone as if they were never there.

“Time travel is confusing,” Ferra said as they left the passage way.

Twilight then sealed it up again. She now understood how Dark Angel did what he did. She just didn't understand how it was possible. “How is it that meeting yourself didn't cause a paradox?” Twilight asked.

“It was planned,” Dark Angel said, “I had that meeting planned since before...that Dark Angel and Ferra came through, and staged it in a way that basically avoided the paradox factor. And before you ask about Ferra being confused, she was prepared for this as well. She was just confused because, like she said, time travel is confusing.”


After a long trip back to Ponyville, the four of them went to the library...Twilight's home. Dark Angel looked put the pony android down and looked around, “So, you live in a library. No surprise there I suppose,” Dark Angel said sarcastically, “But being in a tree and the wooden surroundings gives the place a nice touch.”

“I assume you would've preferred a computer lab?” Twilight asked rhetorically, “Let's get this prototype down to my lab in the basement...before...”

“TWILIGHT!!!” a young silver filly cheered as she suddenly tackled Twilight.

“Angel, I'd like you to meet Daxelia. Dax, this is my old friend, Dark Angel,” Twilight grunted as she lay pinned on the floor, “Dax here has just officially become a Cutie Mark Crusader.”

“How did you know that?” Dax asked curiously, “I only just became a member today while you were gone.”

“When somepony becomes a Cutie Mark Crusader, everypony knows,” Twilight said.

“For being such a little village, you certainly picked an interesting one,” Dark Angel said.

“Now I'm gonna have to put up with Dork Angel again,” Spike whined.

“As much as I used to tease you...and as much as I'm certain to continue teasing you, the fact is that it's just that...teasing. If you want my honest opinion, it's good to see you again, buddy,” Dark Angel said, giving the baby dragon an honest grin, “Well, if you're gonna just lie around and do nothing, I guess I'll have to take the android down to the lab myself,” Dark Angel teased, seeing Twilight pinned.


Later that night...

Dark Angel was working on a computer, getting everything all set, “Everything's ready to go Twi,” Dark Angel said as he got off the computer, “Are we ready to begin?”

“I'm as ready as I'll ever be, Angel!” Twilight exclaimed as she stood over the android, “And it's good to see you again.”

“It's good to see you too,” Dark Angel replied, “Now let's get this started. Let's continue...”

Twilight and Dark Angel then spoke in unison...


This story is gonna be a little different than most of my stories. It will be dark, but not in the sense of 'evil beings' or 'tormented pasts' or things like that. This is dark in the sense that it will be sad in the end. I'm even crying right now as I think about how it'll end.

But don't get me wrong. This story may have a sad ending, but it will also be lighthearted. There's gonna be allot of joy and happiness in the story as well...which is probably why the sad ending is that much worse. But in the sadness of it's ending, there will be a ray of hope.

This story was inspired by two things. The first is the fanfic 'Harmony Harmony' on FIMfiction . net. The second is an episode of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' when Data built himself a daughter. My OC Cyba is in fact the very first OC I've written into a fanfic. Of course back then, it was a DragonBall Z fic and Cyba was a saiyan android. So going from DBZ to MLP means some drastic changes. In fact, the only thing Cyba has in common with his DBZ counterpart is the name and the fact that they're both androids.

I will also be doing a little trivia during this fanfic. I'll try to come up with a question for each chapter. And the answer to the trivia question will be in the next chapter. Because of how I combine the Prologue and Chapter 1 on, they will have the same question, so it won't be answered until Chapter 2. And most of the questions are really just about guessing. I'll even be giving out points for each question. So if you get the correct answer before the next chapter is posted, you'll get a reward.

25 point trivia question: Why does Spike hate it when Dark Angel calls him 'number one assistant', even though that's Twilight's nickname for him?

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JFPierre Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student General Artist
Still want to see some of your other stories updated, but you hooked me once again
drew2319 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012  Student Writer
As much as I dread an mlp tic, it being written by you counters it.

Trivia answer: He went to the bathroom when he wasn't supposed to.
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