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~Chapter 3: Making Friends~

The next morning was like any other...more or less anyway. Spike was the first up, making breakfast for the four of them, himself, Twilight, Dark Angel, and of course Ferra. He didn't think to make breakfast for Cyba however, for obvious reasons.

The next one up was Ferra. Considering that Ferra has been feeling down lately, the fact that she was up and in a cheerful mood managed to put a smile on Spike's face. "Did you remember to put lavender in Angel's omelet like he likes it?" Ferra asked Spike.

"No, I didn't," Spike admitted as he put on a sinister grin, "I happened to run out of lavender before I got to making his omelet." Ferra giggled at Spike's little prank. Even though she would've happily made sure there was enough lavender, or else give him her's, she still found humor in Spike's antics.

Next to wake up was Twilight...that is, if she even got any sleep. A loud snoring could be heard from the guest room, "Uh... How can anypony get any sleep with Angel snoring like that?" Twilight groaned.

"Consider yourself lucky," Ferra said, "He's only hear visiting. I actually have to live with him."

"How do you get any sleep, living with that snoring?" Spike asked.

"Sleep? What's that?" Ferra said sarcastically, causing the three of them to laugh.

"Well, I'm going to wake up Angel before his snoring blows our eardrums out," Twilight said in a semi-sarcastic tone, "Then I'm going to wake up Dax and reactivate Cyba to get them ready for school." Spike then got some tea going...the same tea that Dark Angel told him Ferra likes.

While they were making breakfast, Twilight went up to...for lack of a better term, end Dark Angel's snoring. And she planned on having some fun in the process. As she passed by a room, she noticed Dax sleeping soundly. It was as if to her, there was no snoring. If Twilight hadn't have know any better, she would've thought that she was deaf...then again, with Dark Angel's snoring...

Suddenly, Twilight's logic center in her brain kicked in and she refused to believe that Dark Angel's snoring was actually loud enough to cause hearing loss. But she still couldn't understand how Dax could sleep through that snoring.

Twilight then shook the thought from her head for now and went to the guest room to wake Dark Angel up...and have some fun in then process. She walked into the guest room...


Dark Angel was snoring extremely loudly. But she ignored it and decided to have some fun, "Oh Angel..." Twilight said in her best seductive voice, "I want you! And I intend to take you! With force if necessary!"

Dark Angel's eyes shot open as he jumped out of bed and away from Twilight, "AHHHH! WHAT THE HAY ARE YOU THINKING, TWILIGHT?!" Dark Angel shouted in terror at what Twilight had just said to him.

Twilight then giggled at Dark Angel's reaction, "I'm glad to see that you're awake now," Twilight said, "Your snoring was preventing us from getting any sleep...well accept with Dax. If she can sleep through your snoring, I'd think that she was in a coma..." Suddenly, that thought got her thinking. And that made her worried, "Oh Celestia! Something must be wrong with Dax!" Twilight then ran out of the room to check on Dax.

"Wait! Twilight?!" Dark Angel called, still trying to recover from Twilight's prank. Then he said to himself, "I'm sure Dax is fine." He then followed Twilight her room...the same room Dax slept in.

X ~ ~ X

"I wonder how Twilight will be able to wake Angel up," Ferra wondered, "He tends to be a heavy sleeper."

"I have a feeling I know how," Spike said with a smug grin. That's when they heard shouting from upstairs.


"What did Twilight just do?" Ferra asked.

"I have a feeling she decided to act seductive with him," Spike said, "It really freaks him out when Twilight acts a little too friendly with him. And she has so much fun teasing him by acting friendly."

X ~ ~ X

Dark Angel saw that Dax was awake...and apparently confused. Then he saw Twilight apparently calming herself down. It looked like she had just had a heart attack.

"Angel, is something wrong with Twilight?" Dax asked.

Dark Angel gave the silver filly a glare, but then returned to his usual carefree expression, "She was just worried because of how you were able to sleep through my snoring," Dark Angel said with a smile, "She actually thought you were in a coma. But that's silly."

"Well being able to sleep through something that loud just isn't natural," Twilight said as she wiped some sweat from her brow.

"Princess Tia taught me to block out the sound of snoring," Dax said, "She had to train herself to do it too. Princess Luny is a loud snorer too. Thanks to her royal voice, her snoring is louder than Angel's." Dax then giggled at the thought.

Dark Angel once again gave Dax a glare, "Would you please not call me 'Angel'?" Dark Angel asked calmly.

X ~ ~ X

"Ferra, why do you and Twilight call Dark Angel just 'Angel'?" Spike asked.

"He has his reasons," Ferra said.

"When has he ever had a reason for anything?" Spike asked.

X ~ ~ X

"Why? Twilight and Ferra call you 'Angel'," Dax pointed out, "And so does Futtershy."

Dark Angel couldn't help but snicker at Dax's mispronunciation of Fluttershy, "I'm sorry for laughing at you. But I just thought that sounded so cute," Dark Angel giggled, "But...I have my reasons why I only let a few ponies call me Angel..."

X ~ ~ X

"...It's because he considers it as a sign of affection," Ferra told Spike, "Twilight calls him that because they're childhood friends. I can call him that because he's officially my guardian. So we have a special bond..."

"What about Fluttershy?" Spike asked.

"O-Oh, well...I don't know," Ferra wondered

X ~ ~ X

"I...uh...I think she's cute..." Dark Angel said, a blush spreading across his face.

"You have a crush on Fluttershy, don't you?" Twilight said with a smug grin.

"Oh...well...I...uh...maybe," Dark Angel stuttered, his face going a deeper red, "B-But...can you please not tell anypony? What would Flutters think if she knew I actually had a crush on her?"

This is the first time Twilight has seen this side of Dark Angel. And she was liking it, "Flutters? You actually have a pet name for her already?" Twilight giggled, "I think that's so cute! But because you're my friend, I won't tell anypony. But I think the two of you would make a cute couple." Then Twilight whispered to herself, "Flutters."

"Do you...uh...what was it? Do you...Pie promise?" Dark Angel asked, trying to remember that special promise that Pinkie Pie invented.

"...Pie Promise?" Twilight questioned.

"Yeah, you know. That promise that Pinkie invented," Dark Angel said.

"Oh...right..." Twilight said, purposely not telling him the actual name of the 'Pinkie Promise', "Sure, I'll...Pie Promise." Since she didn't actually make an official 'Pinkie Promise' thanks to Dark Angel's misinterpretation, Twilight didn't have to keep that least she wouldn't have to worry about Pinkie Pie suddenly popping up out of nowhere and warning her. But to respect her friend, she wouldn't just openly give out Dark Angel's secret.

But if somepony were to notice and they asked Twilight if Dark Angel liked Fluttershy, she wasn't going to lie about it. Especially if it were Fluttershy herself who came to ask.

"Come on, Angel," Twilight instructed Dark Angel to follow her, "We have to go reactivate Cyba."

"...Uh...right!" Dark Angel said, snapping himself out of his bout of embarrassment.

Twilight and Dark Angel went downstairs with Dax following behind. The three ponies went down into the lab where Cyba was recharging. A big grin spread across the silver filly's face as Dark Angel went over to reactivate Cyba. Twilight smiled as she noticed the silver filly's joy, "It looks like Angel isn't the only one here who has a crush," Twilight said as Dax looked up to her. Dark Angel looked back to see Dax's now reddening face.

"Well... What's wrong with me liking Cyba?" Dax asked a little shyly.

"Well, nothing...I guess," Dark Angel said, "It's just that...nevermind."

"After breakfast, it's time for school," Twilight said. And with that said, the for of them went up to have their breakfast, save for Cyba, who doesn't eat. Cyba just waited patiently in the other room for them to finish so that he and Dax could go to school.

Dax looked in the other room and saw Cyba just sitting there, "Why doesn't he come in here to eat with us?" Dax asked.

"Because he's an android," Twilight said bluntly, "He doesn't eat."

"But he could still come in here to have some company," Dax said sad look in her eyes, "He just looks so lonely sitting in there by himself."

"He's incapable of feeling emotions, therefor he's incapable of feeling lonely," Dark Angel said just as bluntly as Twilight.

"But how do you know he can't feel lonely?" Dax asked. Before anypony could respond, Dax took her food and went to go eat with Cyba.

"Doesn't she know that emotions are just too complex to be programmed into an AI of that level?" Dark Angel asked out loud.

"As much as I want to agree with...wait. Of that level?" Twilight questioned, "That implies that you could actually program emotions into an artificial intelligence if it had enough memory. But that's just not possible no matter how powerful the AI's internal processor is."

"True, you can't really program emotions," Dark Angel said, correcting himself, "But what I meant was that I think I could write a program that could mimic emotions. They wouldn't be real emotions, but they would allow the program to react to certain stimuli in a way that could mimic the correct emotional response."

"Did you understand anything he just said?" Spike asked Ferra in a whisper.

"I never do," Ferra replied with a giggle.

"Well like I was saying. Dax has an ability to see things that other ponies can't," Twilight said, "I think it has something to do with her silver eye. But maybe she can see something in him that we can't see."

"You mean like Pinkie Pie's 'Pinkie Sense'?" Dark Angel asked.

"I wouldn't dare go as far as saying it's like the Pinkie Sense," Twilight said, "That is Pinkie Pie after all. But Dax's eye...I don't know how to explain it. It's like there's something otherworldly about it."

"I think I know what you mean," Dark Angel said, "When I first saw her and she looked at me, that silver eye of hers gave me the creeps at first. It felt like she wasn't looking at me, but more like she was looking into me with that eye."

"I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't see you as somepony with a talent for technology, but as what your cutie mark represents...a guardian angel," Twilight said.

"Hopefully that's all she sees from me," Dark Angel said to himself.


Dax had walked into the main library area where Cyba was sitting and waiting, carrying her breakfast with her, "Hi, Cyba," Dax greeted.

"Shouldn't you be eating your breakfast in the dining area like the others?" Cyba asked in his signature emotionless monotone expressionless way.

"I guess I should. But I just saw you sitting out here all alone and thought that you seemed lonely," Dax explained.

"I don't feel emotion. Therefor, I don't have feelings such as loneliness," Cyba explained to Dax, "So perhaps you should go back to the dining area."

Dax then felt hurt by how Cyba said that, "Even if you aren't lonely, I still want to stay and keep you company."

"If you insist," Cyba said, completely oblivious to the fact that Dax was upset with his reaction.

Dax quickly shook off her disappointment and finished her breakfast. Then she and Cyba left to go to school. Dax was excited to show her friends at school her newest friend.

"Hey Twi, do you also have a bad feeling about this?" Dark Angel asked as he watched Dax skip down the road while Cyba just walked in no particular fashion.

"What do you mean?" Twilight replied with her own question, "Do you think it's wrong that Dax has a crush on an android?"

"It's not that, Twi," Dark Angel said, "It's just that...I don't know. I just have a bad feeling. Maybe I'm just over thinking things...I must be hanging around you too much." Dark Angel gave Twilight a goofy grin.

Twilight responded to Dark Angel's remark with one of her own, "Oh, ha ha. Very funny," Twilight responded sarcastically, "Weren't you going to go looking for your own place to stay so you wouldn't have to mooch off of me anymore?"

"That's right!" Dark Angel exclaimed, "But when I do find my own place, who gets to keep Cyba?"

"Well, all of the equipment is here," Twilight explained, "And it would be too much of a hassle to move it. Also, Dax might be upset if you were to take him away from her."

"First of all, I could always easily rebuild the equipment at my new place," Dark Angel pointed out, "And don't you think it would be a little awkward to know that the pony Dax loves is living with her?"

"Maybe we think about this later. Maybe after you've already found a place to stay," Twilight said, "And besides, what about Spike and Ferra? Ferra doesn't even have an option."

"I'll let her come to visit whenever she wants," Dark Angel said, "And Spike will be welcome to come to visit when he wants as well. And if I do end up with Cyba, they can visit each other as well. But let's think about that later. I'm gonna see what places are available for somepony like me!" Dark Angel then took flight to search for a place of his own. He already knew somepony who could possibly hook him up.

Dax and Cyba were already nearing where Dax usually met up with Sweetie Belle. Cyba was curiously observing the way Dax was skipping down the street.

Scanning subject: Daxelia...
Body language: Skipping...head held high...upright posture...apparently light on her hooves...
Facial expression: Large carefree grin...
Analisis: Subject appears to be quite joyful at the moment...Reason unknown.

"Daxelia, you appear to quite joyful for some reason," Cyba stated after he examined the silver filly, "May I ask why?"

"Well Pinkie Pie has always told me that you don't always need a reason to be happy," Dax explained, "But right now, I'm excited that you're gonna be able to meet my friends! I'm sure you'll like them just as much as I'm sure they'll like you!"

"I am incapable of emotion, therefor I am incapable of liking..." Cyba suddenly stopped what he was saying, "I'm sure your friends are very likeable." Cyba made sure to choose his words carefully. He couldn't say that he would like her friends, since he was incapable of doing so. So he instead said that he was sure that they were likeable in general. However, that in itself was partly a lie, since he has never met her friends, and therefor doesn't have a basis to go by.

"And I've already told you before to just call me 'Dax'," Dax explained, "Oh, here comes Sweetie Belle now!"

New Data...Scanning
Subject: Sweetie Belle...
Relationship to Daxelia: Friend

"Hi, Dax. Who's your new friend?" Sweetie Belle asked the Dax.

"I am Cyba. An artificial intelligence created by the combined works of Twilight Sparkle and Dark Angel," Cyba said.

Sweetie Belle listened to the robotic sound in the mechapony's voice as she thought over what he said, "Cyba...artificial intelligence...Twilight and Dark Angel...," she said to herself as the gears were turning in the little filly's head, "Now I remember! Rarity told me about how Twilight and Dark Angel had made an android pony!"

New Data for Sweetie Belle...
Relationship to Rarity: ...Unknown

"Sweetie Belle, may I ask how you know Rarity?" Cyba asked.

"Didn't anypony tell you? She's my big sister," Sweetie Belle said, answering the mechapony's inquary.

New Data for Sweetie Belle...
Relationship to Rarity: Little sister

After the introductions were over, the three little ponies went to meet up with the second of their friends, Apple Bloom. As they arrived at the pathway leading to Sweet Apple Acres, Apple Bloom came running, "Dax! Sweet!" the little yellow filly called as she ran and hugged her friends. Then she walked up to Cyba, "Hi, mah name's Apple Bloom! What's yer's?"

"I am Cyba. An artificial intelligence created by the combined works of Twilight Sparkle and Dark Angel," Cyba said, repeating his introduction to Sweetie Belle.

"Wha...?" Apple Bloom questioned.

"In other words, Cyba was built by Twilight and Dark Angel," Dax interpreted.

New Data...Scanning
Subject: Apple Bloom...
Relationship to Daxelia/Sweetie Belle: Friend
Extra: Has a strong southern accent...perhaps native to Maretanna

"Ah think ah r'member mah sis sayin' somethin' 'bout them makin' a faker pony," Apple Bloom mentioned, "She also said that she didn' like the ahdea of a faker pony. She said it jus' ain't right."

New Data for Apple Bloom...
Extra: Has a big sister who is unhappy with my existence

"Your sister seems unhappy with my existence," Cyba mentioned to Apple Bloom, "Do you feel the same way about me?"

"Applejack told me that ah should stay away from ya," Apple Bloom said, "But Big Mac told me that ah should choose fer mahself. An' ah will say that ya are a bit strange. But ah don' see no reason why we can't be friends."

With that said, the four of them headed toward their next destination, the meet up with Scootaloo. And it wasn't long before they met up with the orange pegasus filly. "Hey, who's the newbie?" Scootaloo asked bluntly.

"I am Cyba. An artificial intelligence created by the com..."

"Yeah, yeah. I don't need to hear your life story. My name's Scootaloo," the orange pegasus filly said.

New Data...Scanning
Subject: Scootaloo...
Relationship to Daxelia/Sweetie Belle/Apple Bloom: Friend
Extra: Impatient...has a remarkable resemblance to Rainbow Dash...possible relation to Rainbow Dash

Scootaloo then pointed toward the wagon that was connected to her scooter, "Alright everypony. Hop in!" The four did as instructed. Once in, Scootaloo started flapping her wings quickly, pulling the wagon with her.

As he rode, Cyba observed Scootaloo's skills on her scooter...

New Data for Scootaloo...
Extra: Has impressive, though reckless skill on the scooter

"Has anypony ever gotten hurt while you were riding your scooter?" Cyba bluntly asked.


As Dark Angel was flying, he decided to go see Fluttershy before he went to see the pony who could help him get a new home. As he left the borders of Ponyville, the surrounding environment became more peaceful and quiet. Soon he saw a little cottage in the distance with several little animals around it. There was no mistaking, that was Fluttershy's home.

Dark Angel landed and walked up to the door before he lifted his hoof to knock. But before he could, the door opened, "AHHH!" the pastel yellow pegasus screamed in fear before she realized who it was, "Oh...Angel! I-I'm sorry. You startled me. I wasn't expecting you to come over."

"Perhaps if I were just a few seconds earlier, we could've avoided this awkward confrontation?" Dark Angel asked, "Sorry for startling you, Flutters. I just wanted to come by to visit for a little while."

"Oh, you're always welcome to visit," Fluttershy said as she invited the dark pegasus into her home, a slight blush forming on her face, "So how is Cyba doing?"

"He's already left with Dax to go to school," Dark Angel said. But then a more serious expression formed on his face, "But something doesn't feel right."

"Oh? What's wrong?" Fluttershy asked.

"That's what I can't quite figure out," Dark Angel said, "But I feel like there's something wrong. I sense it whenever Dax acts affectionate with Cyba. I don't think there's anything wrong with her having a crush on a mechapony. But I just feel like something is wrong. I told Twi that maybe I was just over thinking things. But I can't shake that feeling."

"What does it feel like?"

"It's hard to describe. But it feels like it's far it will be a while before whatever I'm sensing happens," Dark Angel said, "But I also feel like whatever will happen can't be avoided. One thought I had was that the other foals won't accept Cyba for who...and what he is. But he can't feel emotion, so I don't have to worry about how he feels. He's strong enough to resist damage if the other foals become violent with him, so I shouldn't worry about that."

"I don't think you have to worry about the other children hating him for what he is," Fluttershy said comfortingly, "Children aren't born to be prejudice. So any problems he has will only be general bullying...although, that isn't pleasant to experience either."

"You always know just what to say Flutters," Dark Angel said, "But I only feel it when Dax is being affectionate with him. I wonder if she will be rejected because of a love for a machine."

"I think anypony has the right to love who, and whatever they want," Fluttershy said, "Besides, Dax is still young. Maybe this is just a phase that will eventually just pass."

"Maybe," Dark Angel said, "But I think it's cute how much she cares for his non-existent feelings."

"Maybe that's what you're sensing," Fluttershy mentioned, "Maybe it's that she loves him, but he is unable to return the feelings that she has for him. Maybe she'll be emotionally hurt because he can't love her back."

"But what I sense seems to strong to be just from somepony not returning the feelings," Dark Angel said, "I'm sensing this from the future after all. The last time I sensed something from the future like this was...never mind. I'd rather not talk about it."

"Don't worry about how much it upsets you," Fluttershy said, "You can talk to me about it."

" I can't," Dark Angel argued, "It's not an emotional issue, it's just personal in general...very personal."

"Well...okay. You don't have to tell me if you don't want," Fluttershy said. Then a blush formed on her face, "Angel...have you ever been in love?"

Cliffhanger ending for the win!

Chapter 3 is finally here. In this chapter, we'll get to see a little more about how Cyba sees things. And we start to see the development of a few relationships

It seems that Dark Angel senses that something's wrong...but what could it be? Only time will tell. And what was it that Dark Angel didn't want Dax knowing about him? And Cyba hasn't even made it to school yet and he's already made three new friends. And speaking of Cyba, I want to know, do you think his 'scanning' sessions were a good touch, or were they annoying? I want to know if I should make more or to keep it to a minimum.

You may have noticed that I used a different breaker for part of the story. I used X ~ ~ X instead of X~~~~~X. I decided to use something different for that scene since it was part of the same scene, but just going back and forth between the two parts.

25 point trivia question: What kind of home will Dark Angel's new home be?

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