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~Chapter 1~

"Spike, aren't you done cleaning in there yet?" a purple unicorn with a darker purple mane and tail said. This was a powerful unicorn and Princess Celestia's own pupil, Twilight Sparkle, "SPIKE?" Twilight was just finishing neatening up her study.

"I just finished cleaning the floor of the  upstairs...for the fourth time," a young purple dragon with green frills said in a sarcastic tone. He was coming down the stairs from the upper level of the library.

"Then maybe you should clean up a fifth time," Twilight said frantically, "Then make sure that all of the books are categorized, then alphabetized. And then-"

"TWILIGHT!" Spike shouted, snapping the frantic unicorn out of her frantic list checking, "You're overreacting...and over working me. And it's still only the morning, and princess Celestia isn't coming until this afternoon."

Twilight was frantic because of a letter that she received from Princess Celestia the day before...

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
I  have been keeping track of how well you have been doing as my pupil. I am also aware that your friends play a big part in your progress. However, I have also noticed that your social skills have not improved as much as I would've like to see from you. Although you do join your friends in social gatherings, you still spend the majority of your free time hidden away in your library.
I will be coming by tomorrow afternoon with somepony who may help you to be more social. And I'm sure  the two of you will get along greatly
Princess Celestia

"I'm  sorry, Spike. I just want everything to be absolutely perfect for when princess Celestia comes," Twilight said as she began to calm down, "But she's coming here with a social coach for me. And seeing as this is princess Celestia, she'll probably be bringing the best social coach in all of Canterlot. And I just want to appear welcoming."

"Then just  be yourself," Spike suggested, "You're fine just the way you are. Besides, I'm sure princess Celestia expects to see you, not somepony trying to act like somepony else.

"Spike, since when did you become so wise?" Twilight asked sarcastically.

"I guess I learned from the best," Spike replied.

"Well,  you can go rest now. You've earned it," Twilight said. After Spike went  upstairs and into his bed, Twilight finished up her tidying up.


A  light blue pegasus pony with a rainbow mane and tail was flying through  the air at incredible speeds. She was flying toward a hut at the edge of the Everfree Forest.

"HEY FLUTTERSHY! ARE YOU READY TO GO TO TWILIGHT'S TO SEE PRINCESS CELESTIA?" the blue pegasus called down to a yellow pegasus with a pink mane and tail who was standing just outside the hut.

"Well...uh...I don't know if I'm going to come," the pegasus named Fluttershy said softly but nervously.

"What?  Why not?" the blue pegasus, who's name is Rainbow Dash, asked, "You don't want to look uncool in front of princess Celestia, do you?"

"" Fluttershy replied, "But I won't look 'uncool' in front of princess Celestia if I'm NOT in front of her."

"You  do know that she's bringing a social coach to help Twilight, right?" Rainbow Dash inquired, "Maybe you could ask the social coach for some help as well."

"I'd rather not intrude. Besides, the social coach is coming to help Twili-EEP!" Fluttershy was interrupted as Rainbow Dash, who was getting bored of waiting, grabbed Fluttershy by the hoof and flew off toward Twilight's library with Fluttershy in tow.


"Sweetie  Belle...Sweetie Belle, wake up," a white unicorn with a curly bluish-purple mane and tail said as she tried to nudge her little sister  awake. Her little sister, Sweetie Belle, was a light gray unicorn filly  with a light purple mane and tail.

It was already late in the morning. The unicorn was worried about her little sister because for about a week, she hasn't been sleeping well. Sweetie Belle woke up with a  groan, "R-Rarity?" Sweetie Belle groaned, "Is it morning already?"

"It's  already late morning," Rarity said, getting slightly frustrated, not at  her little sister, but at the situation itself, "I'll go down and heat up your breakfast." Rarity had made Sweetie Belle breakfast. But since it was almost three hours ago, it was now cold.

Sweetie Belle groggily dragged herself out of bed as Rarity went downstairs. Rarity didn't show it in front of her sister, but she was really worried about her. Sweetie Belle is known for her...well...sweet personality. But her troubled sleeping seemed to have taken that sweet expression from her. And this troubled Rarity.

Rarity put the now cold bacon and eggs in the microwave and set it for a few minutes. As it was heating up, Sweetie Belle came dragging her hooves down the stairs, still half asleep.

"Sweetie Belle, may I speak with you?" Rarity asked with concern, "I'm getting worried about your sleeping problems. Is there something wrong with you that you're not telling me about? Maybe a fight  with your friends, a bad dream, anything?"

"No," Sweetie Belle simply.

"Are you sure nothing's wrong?" Rarity pressed on, "Are you having trouble with anypony at school? Anything?"

"I SAID NOTHING'S WRONG!"  Sweetie Belle suddenly snapped, receiving a shocked look from both of the sisters. Sweetie Belle then lowered her head in shame, "I-I'm sorry.  I d-didn't mean t-to..."

"That's quite alright, deary," the fashionista pony said sympathetically, "Losing a good night's sleep can make anypony irritable. And you've gone a long time without a good night's sleep."


Rarity took the food out of the microwave and set it in front of Sweetie Belle, who began eating in a  lethargic manner. That was when there was a knock on the door. Rarity went to answer the door, "Hello, and welcome to..." Rarity began to greet before she realized who it was, "Oh, Applejack. What are you doing  he-"

Rarity was interrupted by a creamy yellow earth pony filly with a red mane and tail and a big pink bow running inside, "SWEETIE BELLE!" the young filly exclaimed as she tackled Sweetie Belle in excitement.

"Sorry 'bout dat, Rare," an orange earth pony with a yellow mane and tail and a cowpony hat said in a southern accent, "We wer goin' over ta Twi's since princess C'lestia's comin'. Apple Bloom wan'ed ta see Sweetie Belle of course, so we decided ta stop bai."

"I'm surprised Scootaloo isn't here," Rarity said, "Isn't she usually wi-"

"COMING  THROUGH!" a reddish orange pegasus filly with a purple mane and tail shouted as she came bolting through on her scooter, also tackling Sweetie Belle.

"The least you can do is not ride your scooter in here!" Rarity scowled.

"Does'at answer yer question?" the cowpony named Applejack asked sarcastically.

Suddenly, a shout of terror came out of the kitchen, "AJ, AH THINK AH KILLED SWEETIE BELLE!" Apple Bloom shouted in fear.

Applejack  and Rarity ran into the kitchen to see what was wrong, "Calm down, sis.  Sweetie Belle ain't dead. She's jus' sleepin'," Applejack said as she noticed the white filly's chest rising and falling, "But why she's sleepin' this late in da mornin' is a mystery ta me."

"Sweetie Belle hasn't been sleeping well lately," Rarity explained, "So she's been taking any chance she can get to get some rest."

"Come to think of it, I have noticed that she's seemed rather out of it in school," Scootaloo said, "There had been times where she's even fallen asleep in class."

"She's been getting' teased 'bout it. But she's either 'sleep when they're teasin' her or she's jus' too tahred to care," Apple Bloom added.

"Well maybe Twi knows a spell er a potion ta help'er get some shut eye," Applejack suggested, "Er maybe even princess C'lestia could help."

"Good idea," the fashionista pony said. Then with the help of her magic, she lifted Sweetie Belle onto her back and they headed out towards Twilight's home.


Twilight  had just finished preparing for princess Celestia's arrival. Of course she constantly had to keep track of herself to try not to over do it like Spike had said.

"Princess Celestia will be arriving soon," Twilight said to herself, seeing as it was now the afternoon. Although, it was still early in the afternoon. But Twilight knew that it was better to be safe than sorry, seeing that she didn't know when in the afternoon Celestia would be arriving. "How do I look, Spike?"

"You  look fine as always," the baby dragon said. But his attention was drawn  to his rumbling stomach, "But can we eat something? We haven't even had  lunch yet."

"That sounds like a swell ahdea," Applejack said as she walked right in with Rarity, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and the sleeping Sweetie Bell.

Twilight was surprised to see them, since she wasn't expecting them to come. Or at least she didn't expect them to  just walk right in like that. But before she could question their sudden arrival, she noticed Sweetie Belle sleeping on her big sister's back, "Is Sweetie Belle okay?" Twilight asked.

"She's just asleep," Rarity pointed out, "But that's why I'm here. For the past week, Sweetie Belle hasn't been sleeping well."

"Well, what's the problem?" Twilight asked.

"We  don't know," Rarity sighed, "It's not school troubles. She didn't have a  fight with her friends...did she?" Rarity looked at Scootaloo and Apple  Bloom who just shook their heads.

"Well, is she having nightmares?" Twilight asked.

"No," Rarity said, "Or at least, she doesn't remember having nightmares. So can you help her?"

"I'm  sorry, Rarity. But unless I know what the problem is, I can't help her," Twilight said, "However, if you do manage to find out what the problem is, I know several spells and potions that can help her-" Twilight was interrupted by the sound of a book falling off of one of the shelves. She went to go put it away. But before she closed the book,  she saw what was on the page. "I think I got it!"

"Got what?" Applejack asked.

"This  book is called 'Temporary Solutions'. This is a spell called 'The Good Night's Sleep Spell'," Twilight said, "It says here that it can turn ten  minutes of sleep into ten hours worth of rest. Like the book implies, it's only a temporary solution. So she'll have to come back every day if  she wants to be rested when she sleeps. At least until we can figure out what the problem is and can come up with a permanent solution."

"Well then, please help her," Rarity pleaded.

"Alright,"  Twilight said, "Just give me ten minutes with her." Twilight then levitated the sleeping filly to the couch. Then she started to use her magic on the filly.

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy came zooming through the door. Twilight however kept her focus on Sweetie Belle. "Hey, squirt!" Rainbow Dash said as she looked at Scootaloo, "Have you and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders caused any destruction lately?"

"Hey, we don't cause destruction!" Scootaloo argued.

"Yeah, you do," Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Rarity, and Applejack said in unison.

"We know you don't do it on purpose," Fluttershy said in her usual quiet tone.

"I assume you've all come to see princess Celestia?" Twilight asked, not taking her attention off of Sweetie Belle.

"Well  technically, Rainbow Dash just dragged me here," Fluttershy said in a way as if she was trying not to hurt her friend's feelings.

"But where's Pinkie Pie? Shouldn't we expect her to be here as well?" Rainbow  Dash wondered, "I mean, she knows about princess Celestia's arrival as well, doesn't she?"

"As long as I can take care of Sweetie Belle, I  don't mind if she's late," Twilight said, sounding unintentionally rude. She didn't mean it the way it sounded. Her bluntness was the result of most of her focus being on performing the spell.

Applejack  was a little suspicious though, "Don't anypony think it's strange that that specific book happened ta fall off da shelf an' land on that specific page?" the cowpony asked.

"Does it really matter?" Rarity  asked, "As long as it helps my little sister, I don't care if it was just a fluke accident or if there was some sort of supernatural cause."

"Ah guess yer right," Applejack said, "Ah s'pose if it wer a specter of some kind, it's obviously tryin' to help Sweetie Belle."

"Supernatural?  Specter?" Fluttershy whimpered, "You're not trying to say that this is the work of a g...g...ghost, are you?" Fluttershy was obviously terrified at the thought of a ghost.

"Don't be silly," Twilight said, "There's no such things as ghosts."

"Then maybe you should tell that to the ghost," Rainbow Dash said sarcastically.



Fluttershy had suddenly fainted from fear.

"Dashie, why did you have to go and make Fluttershy faint?" a pink earth pony with a pink cotton candy like mane and tail.

"I'm assuming you're here to see princess Celestia as well?" Twilight inquired.

"Oooh! What are you doing with Sweetie Belle?" the pink pony asked.

"I'm  glad to see you, Pinkie Pie. But please don't distract me. I need to focus just for a few more minutes," Twilight said to the pink pony, "Sweetie Belle has been having trouble sleeping. So I'm casting a spell to give her a full night's sleep in just ten minutes. And I'm almost done."

"Why is she having trouble sleeping? Maybe a party could make her better," Pinkie Pie said.

"We don't know what's wrong with my little sister," Rarity said, "But I don't think a party will help her."

Pinkie had somewhat of a glazed over look on her face, "What did you say?" Pinkie asked, almost as if she were in a trance.

"I  didn't mean it like that," Rarity said, "Your parties are great for raising spirit and the mood in general. But parties can't heal medical issues."

Pinkie was still having trouble understanding. She just didn't seem to understand that parties can't fix everything. But decided  to trust Rarity's judgment, "Okie dokie lokie!" the hyperactive pink pony chirped.

Sweetie Belle's eyes suddenly shot open. She seemed rather disoriented though. "Uh...wha...what happened?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Well,  me and Scootaloo decided to tackle ya when we came bai," Apple Bloom said, "Then when you wer layin' on the floor, you d'cided ta take a nap."

"And Apple Bloom here thought that she killed you," Scootaloo added.

"Hey! You thought ah killed 'er too!" Apple Bloom countered.

"But the important thing is that Sweetie Belle is alive and well. Am I right?" the sun princess, Celestia asked.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight exclaimed as she realized the princess was standing in the doorway.

"And  that was the 'Good Night's Sleep' spell, was it not?" Celestia asked, "That was clever of you to think of that spell to help. Even if it's only a temporary solution."

"Well...I didn't really think of it myself," the purple bookworm pony admitted, "One of my books fell off the shelf, my 'Temporary Solutions' book. And when it fell, the page it landed on happened to be 'The Good Night's Sleep' spell. So really, it was just a lucky accident."

"Perhaps. Or perhaps there was something more to it," Celestia said, "But that's not what I'm here for."

"That's right!" Twilight said, "So...who did you bring to help me?"

"Come  on in here, Daxelia!" princess Celestia called out the door she came in  through. On command, a pony came in...but it wasn't somepony that Twilight was expecting. It was a little unicorn filly who was no older than the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She had a silvery gray coat with a smooth  and sleek white mane and tail with a small blue bow at the end of her mane. She wore a golden bracelet with an aquamarine imbedded in it on her right foreleg. But the most noticeable part about her was her eyes. They were two different colors. Her left eye was a light blue color, but  her right eye was silver.

Twilight could sense something special about the filly's right eye. But she couldn't quite explain what it was that she was sensing. But before she questioned what she sensed, she went back to her original topic.

"Excuse me, princess. But where is the social coach you said you'd be bringing?" Twilight inquired.

"If  you remember, I said I'd be bringing somepony to help you be more social," princess Celestia said, "But I never said anything about bringing a social coach." Celestia gave a sly grin. She may have been the ruler of all of Equestria, but she always enjoyed seeing Twilight's reaction to her cryptic letters.

"But...How is this filly supposed  to help me be more social?" Twilight asked, now getting slightly frustrated. Celestia then took Twilight outside to speak with her.

While  Celestia was speaking with Twilight, the rest of the group was getting to know the silver unicorn filly named Daxelia. "So...what was yer name again, lil filly?" Applejack asked.

"My name is Daxelia," the silver filly replied.

"Well it's nice to meet ya, Dax!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, giving the filly a nickname. This got a smile out of the silver filly.

"So,  where are you from, Daxeela?" Pinkie Pie said, mispronouncing Daxelia's  name, "Where you born in Canterlot? Who are your parents? OOOH! Is princess Celestia you mommy? Do you like parties? What about pets? Do you have any pets?" Pinkie Pie's onslaught of questions obviously was overwhelming Dax.

"Pinkie Pie, one question at a time," Rarity said, trying to get the pink party pony to back off, "I'm sorry about that, Daxelia. Pinkie Pie is hyperactive and can go over the top at times. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rarity, and I am the owner of  the Carousel Boutique. If you ever want a stylish dress, I'm the one you want to come to."

"An' if yer ever in the mood fer an apple treat, whether it be apple cider, apple fritters, apple pie, caramel apples, an' anythin' else, come by Sweet Apple Acres. Mah name's Applejack, an' that there's mah lil sis, Apple Bloom. And that's Rare's lil sis, Sweetie Belle, an' that there's Scootaloo."

"Scootaloo is my little cuz!" Rainbow Dash said.

"Uh...hi. I'm...Flrshy..." Fluttershy said shyly.

"What was that?" Daxelia asked, surprised that there was somepony here that was more nervous than she was.

"I'm...Flttrshy," Fluttershy repeated.

"Her  name is Fluttershy," Scootaloo said, "She's better with animals than she is with ponies. But don't get on her bad side though. She has managed to take down a Cockatrice just by staring at it."

"Yah know, it's no use tellin' that ta Dax. The onla way ta b'lieve it is ta see it fer herself," Apple Bloom said.

Dax  looked at the Scootaloo curiously as if trying to decide whether to believe her story about the Cockatrice or not. Then she turned back to Fluttershy, "Is your mother's name Barricade?" she asked.

"How did you know my mom's name?" Fluttershy asked shyly.

"Ah bet she has them fancy mind readin' talents," Applejack said.

"Actually,  Fluttershy looks allot like one of the royal guards," Dax said, "Her name is Barricade. And not only is she known for having a build that could put even the stallion to shame, but she's known for having a glare  that legend says could even make the princess herself to submit to her will."

"No offense, Fluttershy. But doesn't sound anything like what Fluttershy's mom would should like," Rainbow said, "But I gotta admit that having a mom like that would be AWESOME!"

"Well actually...that is my mother," Fluttershy told Rainbow, "My mother is a member of the royal guards. And everyone tells me that I get my looks from her...except I have my father's wings."

"You're dad had girly wings?" Rainbow laughed.

"No. My father's a pegasus," Fluttershy said, "My mother's an earth pony."

"I'm  sure that little Daxelia's story about Fluttershy's mother staring down  princess Celestia herself was over-exaggerated though," Rarity said, "Who told you such an outrageous story?"

"I did," princess Celestia said as she walked in, causing everypony's jaws to drop, "Barricade has never actually 'stared me down'. But I do know what she can do. And let's just say, from what I've heard of what Fluttershy can do, I'd rather not test what her mother could do." At that comment, a bold prideful look spread across the yellow pegasus' face. A look like that on Fluttershy was certainly a rare occasion, and once again caused everypony's jaws to drop.

"Oh...uh...sorry," Fluttershy said as her face returned to it's normal shy expression, the bold pride being replace with a light blush, "It's just that...well...I'm really proud of  my mother."

"Well, Sugarcube, yer ma is a member of the royal guards," Applejack said, "You have ev'ry right to be proud a' her!"

"So what did princess Celestia want to talk to you about," Rarity asked Twilight.

"Well, she asked me take care of Dax," Twilight said, "She said that it would help me be more responsible."

"I don't see why you  need to be thought responsibility," Rarity said, "You're one of the most responsible ponies I've ever met. And besides, wouldn't Spike have taken the place of someone to be responsible for?"

"That's what I thought. But princess Celestia thinks otherwise," Twilight said, "She told me to consider this as 'research' of what it's like to have a little sister. And...I can never say no to research." Twilight said as shyly as Fluttershy would.

"I'm sorry I can't stay longer. But it is time for to take my leave," Celestia said, "Good bye, Twilight. And to the rest of you." With that said, Celestia then headed on her way back to Canterlot.

"Twilightnowhasalittlesister!Nowwe'vegottahavea'TwilightNowHasALittleSister'party!"  Pinkie Pie said, all in one breath, bouncing around hyperactive.

"Well, we better get goin'," Applejack said, "C'mon, Apple Bloom. Let's go."

"Awe, can't we stay a lil while long?" Apple Bloom whined.

"Yeah, sis. Can we?" Sweetie Belle asked, "We want to stay and play with Dax some more."

Rarity,  as strict as she usually was, couldn't say no to her little sister's smiling face. Especially since she hasn't seen it for a week, "Well, I suppose it's alright," the fashionista pony answered.

"As long as Twi's alright with it," Applejack added.

All  four fillies turned to Twilight and looked at her with puppy-dog eyes, "Alright. You can stay," Twilight giggled, smiling at the four faces.

"Don't be rough'n her up too much though," Rainbow Dash said, ruffling up Stootaloo's mane.

"I'm not making any promises," Scootaloo replied.

"Just be back home by dinner time, Sweetie," Rarity said.

"You too, Apple Bloom," Applejack added.

"Don't  worry, I'll have them all back by dinner time," Twilight said as the rest of them left...all except for Pinkie, "And Pinkie, I'll be looking forward to your party for Daxelia. But can it wait until next weekend? Tomorrow will be her first day at her new school after all."

"Okie  dokie lokie!" Pinkie exclaimed, "That'll just give me more time to make  plans! See you later, Daxeela!" With that said, Pinkie Pie hopped out the door.

"How long did it take you ponies to get used to her?" Dax asked.

"We'll let ya know when we actually do get used to her," Scootaloo said.

What do you all think about Pinkie Pie pronouncing Daxelia's name wrong (Daxeela)? And yes, this is the same Daxelia that is also a dragoness in my Spyro fics.

The concept for Barricade belongs to KnightMysterio on

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you got ALMOST everything right about barricade.... except SHE IS A PEGASUS DUDE!!!
DarkAngelAW1986 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I know that. I made that change intentionally, since I think physical strength is more connected to Earth ponies than to Pegasi.
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