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~Chapter 14: The Attack~

Alec, Xander, Kayla, Spyro, Cynder, Sienna and Ember were flying in the sky, the scenery around them changing. The seas now turned to land as they reached the main land. They made it to the main land whilst the sun was setting. It was casting orange, yellow and red in a gradient only it can make. It was getting late.

"Guys, I think we should set down now," Alec said, as he looked at Sienna who looked like she could faint at any given moment.

"I agree. My sister can't fly at night," Ember added.

"Well okay then," Spyro said, "Let's land at that clearing." He pointed to the side and began to veer off to that direction.

Before long, the small gang of dragons arrived at the clearing and decided to camp out. Xander and Alec helped gather some wood to make fire, whilst Kayla and Cynder went off to hunt. Spyro was left to guard Ember and Sienna whilst Ember lit one warm campfire for all of them.

As the meals were being cooked, everyone chatted on their own. Kayla was seated by Xander and decided to strike a conversation. But before she could do so, Xander yawned widely, "I am so tired…" he said to himself, "Guys, I'm going to sleep." Then he lied down and curled himself into a small form. Kayla just sighed and decided to rest as well.


It was the next morning and Malefor's voice boomed, "It is time."

"Thank goodness," the red dragon said, "It's time for me to get some exercise."

"Just don't mess up," Jaye said.

"Yes of course. I won't mess up. Don't worry. Who do you think I am?" the red dragon asked rhetorically, before flying off and heading to his predestined location.

"You know what to do," Malefor said.

"Of course; who do you think I am?" asked Jaye rhetorically. Malefor scoffed as he watched her head off in the red dragon's direction.


Meanwhile, the group of Spyro, Cynder, Alec, Xander, Sienna, Ember, and Kayla were beginning to wake up. After eating a breakfast, they headed off to the temple.

The flight was about an hour. Once they reached the temple, Spyro and Cynder were the first to get themselves settled in. The guardians were glad to see the two, as well as the others.

The first thing Spyro said to the guardians was not hello, but, "Did you know that Ignitus is the new Chronicler?"

The guardians were surprised at this news, "Well that's marvelous, stupendous, outsta-mff!" Volteer said as Cyril once again froze his maw shut.

That's when Mogguth showed himself to them. And for some reason, Cynder didn't like him. She didn't understand why. But there was something she didn't like about him. But she pushed that though to the back of her mind the best that she could. However, she did notice the glares Alec was giving him as well.


Once Spyro and Cynder got reacquainted. They decided that they could use the rest of the day to relax. However, so dragons had other things in mind. The temple was suddenly attacked by a large dark red fire dragon and the dark ice dragoness that attacked Alec and Sienna.

"Well, look what we have here," The red dragon said with an evil grin, "The terror of the skies has joined forces with the purple parasite. I guess I'll have to show you what happens when you turn to the wrong side.

"You're the one who's on the wrong side!" Cynder replied.

"Who are you anyway?" Spyro demanded.

"Ah, allow me to introduce myself," The red dragon said in a mock proper manner as he bowed his head, "I am Malefor's lieutenant. But you can call me Flame." As Flame lifted up his head. He head butted Spyro and Cynder, sending them flying into a wall. Spyro however grabbed Cynder and himself between her and the wall, cushioning the blow for Cynder.

Cynder was relatively unharmed. But Spyro fell to the floor. He could barely move. That's when Ember came to help him. She started releasing a healing energy onto Spyro, healing his injuries.

But before she was able to complete the process, she was suddenly snatched up by Flame, "That's an interesting power you've got there," Flame said with a sinister grin, "It's to bad nobody will ever see it again!" Flame then began squeezing the life out of the pink dragoness.

Alec, Xander, Kaila, and Sienna were managing to fend off the dark ice dragoness, Jaye. Sienna and Kaila were doing well together with team attacks, using their fire elements in unison to create super fire blasts. Xander was doing well attacking with powerful wind attacks. The only problem was that whenever he used his element, the force of the wind would blow him back.

As Alec fought, he mainly used melee. He would've done well if it weren't for the fact that his actions were aggressive and not planned out. He was not acting rationally. It has become obvious that he was acting on feral instincts.

Once Sierra heard her little sister scream in pain, she immediately attacked. She bit down on the paw that was holding Ember. This distracted Flame enough to allow Mogguth a chance to attack. Flame dropped the pink dragoness as Mogguth and Flame stumbled into another room.

Everyone, save for Mogguth who was brawling with Flame in another room, battled with the dark ice dragoness, Jaye. There as they attacked, Kaila noticed something. Jaye wasn't fighting back She was just using defensive tactics.

All the commotion got the attention of Cyril's grandson, Liquis. He came out to see what was going on and say the dark dragoness. Liquis looked at her not with fear, but with curiosity. And she returned the curious stare. She managed to get everyone off of her and she approached the young cyan dragon. But she did not attack. They just looked at each other.

While Jaye was off guard, Alec took the chance to attacked. He latched onto her neck and suddenly released a blast of...electricity. He released the electrical energy from his own body. The attack was enough to make the dark ice dragoness run away.

After the battle, Alec was still looking for a kill. His mind had gone feral. Seeing this, Sienna acted the only way she knew how, "ALEC!" She shouted, snapping Alec out of his trance.

"...I'm okay..." Alec said, a little dizzy. He was a bit dazed and confused.

"Since when were you an electric dragon?" Xander exclaimed.

"What do you mean?" Alec asked, not remembering what had happened.

"Don't you remember?" Sienna asked, "You used an electrical attack."


After the battle, everyone was cleaning up the damage, "I think we should get your little sister to use her healing ability on anyone who got injured in that fight," Terrador suggested.

"Good idea," Sienna agreed, "EMBER!"

"There's just one problem," Alec said as he came into the room. He had been searching the temple, "Ember's missing!"
It looks like Ember's in trouble. But what could've happened to her?

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Piplup-Luv Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:noes: Ember!

I love when Volteer gets his maw shut:D
HolyCross9 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
So Flame here has also been corrupted, correct?
DarkAngelAW1986 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Masterblaster1234 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
poor ember
DarkAngelAW1986 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I know I'm good when I am able to make someone say something like that.
Masterblaster1234 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
yeah i feel so sorry for her and have you read the newest part of my story
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