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~Chapter 1~

It had been eight months since Spyro and Cynder have defeated the Dark Master, Malefor. When they returned to Warfang, they were treated as heroes. After all, they were. But it had been to much for the two said dragons to handle. They just wanted to live a normal life. So they had decided to go on a vacation.

They were on their way home from their vacation spot, Horizon Canyon, "Spyro, why don't we ever take vacations more often?" Cynder asked Spyro.

"Probably because we never have the chance to," Spyro answered. Then he put on a serious face, "Cynder, can I tell you something?"

The look in Spyro's eyes caused Cynder to become giddy with excitement. Oh my ancestors! He's gonna say it! Cynder thought.

Spyro slowly moved closer and closer to Cynder. Cynder could nearly feel Spyro's breath on her face. Cynder's heartbeat was rising through the roof. Before she knew it...Spyro had pushed her onto the ground, "Tag! You're it!" Spyro said as he flew off.

Cynder felt disappointed. It wasn't because she was shoved to the ground...although that didn't help. It was because Spyro didn't say what she was hoping he would say. But she pushed it to the back of her mind and chased after the said purple dragon.

X~   ~   ~   ~   ~X

It was getting late and Spyro and Cynder were at to the Valley of Avalar. The two dragons were still playing tag when Cynder noticed that Spyro had stopped and landed on the ground. Cynder went to see what Spyro was looking at.

"Hey Spyro, why'd you stop?" Cynder asked as she walked up to the purple dragon. Then she saw a creature laying unconscious on the ground. There was a bump on it's head where it hit a nearby rock.

"What do you think this is?" Spyro wondered, "It looks like it's bipedal, like a cheetah. But hit has no fur."

"What should we do with him?" Cynder asked, "We can't just leave him out here."

"Him?" Spyro asked.

"Well, he's obviously a living creature," Cynder pointed out, "And so he must either be a male or a female. And if his body structure is anything like a cheetah's, then he has more of a masculine appearance. He has a large, muscular body rather than slender, curvy body of a female. So it's only respectful refer to him as 'him' and not 'it'."

"You're right, as always. Maybe we should take him to the cheetah village. Maybe they can figure out what he is," Spyro suggested.

"But what about Chief Prowlus?" Cynder asked, "You know he's not the most open minded cheetah there is."

"Well in any case, we won't make it back to Warfang tonight," Spyro pointed out, "So we should stop by anyway and ask Hunter if we can stay the night. Come on, help me carry him."

Cynder grabbed the bag that was next to the creature. Then she put the wheeled object that was by the creatures feet and put it into the bag. Then she helped Spyro lift the strange creature up onto their backs and carried him the rest of the way to Avalar.

It was already dark once Spyro and Cynder arrived at the front gate of the cheetah village. They were stopped at the front gate by a couple of guards. One seemed older and more experienced while the other was still young, perhaps in training.

"HALT!" The young cheetah announced in a quite sophisticated manner, "STATE YOUR NAMES AND YOUR BUSINESS!"

"I'm Spyro, and this is Cynder," Spyro said, "And we're here to-"

"You mean you're the Spyro and Cynder?" The young cheetah said, turning from a sophisticated young lad into a fanboy, "I can't believe I'm actually getting a chance to meet you two! I mean, you two are famous!"

"Alright. Settle down, Spike," The older cheetah said, smiling at the younger cheetah's excitement, "Sorry about my son. He's a big fan of the two of you."

"I feel like we're back in Warfang already," Cynder said sarcastically, earning a chuckle from Spyro.

"Allow me to introduce myself," The older cheetah said, "My name is Jarith. And this is my son, Spike. I am the head guard here in the village of Avalar. I am training Spike to also be a guard. And he does a good job in doing so."

"Until someone famous decides to come," Cynder added. This received a response from Spike with a sheepish grin.

"It's nice to meet you," Spyro said, "We're here so see Hunter so we can stay here for the night."

"I'll have to let chief Prowlus know of this," Jarith said, "You can come with me if you like. However, what is that you have there?" Jarith then motioned to the creature they were carrying.

"Well...we're not quite sure," Spyro said, "We just found him laying unconscious."

"We weren't just going to leave him there," Cynder added, "He's hurt."

"Well then, I'll see what I can do," Jarith said.

Spyro and Cynder carried the unconscious creature as they followed Jarith to see chief Prowlus. As they reached a shack that looked larger than the others, "You wait here please," Jarith said, "I'll go get chief Prowlus."

Spyro, Cynder, and Spike watched as Jarith went into the shack to get chief Prowlus. It didn't take long for him to come back out with Prowlus.

"So the dragon saviors have come to stay the night," Prowlus said in somewhat of an accusing voice.

"Chief Prowlus, please," Cynder said, "We only want to stay the night. We'll leave first thing in the morning."

"What is're carrying?" Prowlus asked.

"We're not sure," Spyro said, "But we found him unconscious and hurt. And we couldn't just leave him there."

"If he wakes up and causes trouble, will you take full responsibility?" Prowlus asked the young dragons.

"I will take full responsibility," Spyro said, "I was the one who found him in the first place. So Cynder shouldn't have to be punished if he causes trouble." Spyro's statement surprised Cynder.

"You may stay with Hunter," Prowlus said, "But only for the night. After breakfast, you are to leave. Is that understood?"

"Understood," the two dragons said.

"I will also post a guard with you," Prowlus said.

"Is it alright if my son, Spike takes the job?" Jarith asked, "It would be a good training experience for him."

"Alright," Prowlus said, "Now go before I change my mind."

Jarith headed back to guarding the front gate while Spyro, Cynder, and Spike headed to Hunter's hut. When they arrived, Spike knocked on the door. And as expected, Hunter answered the door.

"Spike, what are you doing here?" Hunter asked, "Shouldn't you be with your father training to be a guard?"

"Well, dad gave me a task that he said would be a good training experience!" Spike answered giddily, "I was given the job of guarding the creature that Spyro and Cynder brought with them." Spike moved to the side to reveal Spyro, Cynder, and the creature they were carrying on their backs.

"It's good to see you two again," Hunter said, "But what exactly is that...thing?"

"We don't know," Spyro said, "But he was hurt. And we didn't want to just leave him there."

"Well then, come on in," Hunter said, inviting the small group in."

X~   ~   ~   ~   ~X

The creature was laying on a cot while Spyro was watching Cynder curiously search around in the bag that the creature had.

"Should you really be messing around with that?" Spyro asked Cynder, "It's not yours. And he could get mad if you accidentally break something."

Cynder however didn't seem to be paying attention. Her attention seemed to be transfixed on a device that was laying on the floor in front of her. As she pushed the small levers with her paw, the object on wheels moved. It took her a few minutes to perfect it, but she managed to figure it out, "Hey Spyro, look at this!" Cynder exclaimed as she showed off that she had managed to figure out how to control it.

Spyro thought that they shouldn't be messing with his things. But he was however impressed at how quickly she figured it out, "Cynder, I know you're having fun with that," Spyro said, "But you should really put that away now."

"Cynder is just having a little fun," Hunter said as he sat by the creature. He had put an ice pack on it's head where the bump was.

"Spyro's right though," Cynder sighed, "If I do break something, I wouldn't want that creature to get mad at me." Cynder, as one final moment of fun, used the controller to guide the wheeled object into the bag. Then she put the thing that controlled it in the bag as well.

Spyro giggled, entertained at how Cynder just used the controller to send the object into the bag. She just enjoyed having fun. And he was glad that she was finally getting over how she felt about her past.

"It's getting late anyway," Spyro said, "The sooner we get to sleep, the sooner we can wake up and get on our way. I'm sure that Chief Prowlus wants us out as soon as possible."

"Good point," Cynder agreed, "Where do we sleep?"

"Well, I can just sleep in a chair," Hunter said, "I need to take care of this creature anyway. Do you two mind sharing a bed?"

"I don't mind," Cynder said as she blushed.

"Well, I suppose," Spyro said. Cynder felt a little hurt that he didn't seem that willing to share a bed as she was. But he was often like that. But she was hopeful. She wondered if he felt the same way for her as she did for him. Perhaps only time will tell. But for now, their issue was this creature that they found.

Spyro and Cynder then went to the cushion that was Hunter's bed. And soon, they fell asleep.
Before anyone get's on my case about there not being narration like the previous chapter, it's because the one who's narrating (that's the one who represents me) is unconscious. So he has nothing in his memory to narrate on. This story is not completely from my point of view, so there won't always be commentary.

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